South Florida MGMA Membership Categories
Active Membership:
Active Members are individuals directly employed full time by a medical practice with at least one full time licensed Medical Doctor formally organized for health care delivery; or an individual directly employed full time by a management organization, hospital/hospital system, practice management firm or other business entity which provides administrative and related support services to one or more medical practices of at least one full time licensed Medical Doctor formally organized for health care delivery. (These can include MSOs, PHOs, and IPAs). Membership dues are $50 per year.
Affiliate Membership:
Affiliate Members are organizations or individuals which provide products and services directly to health care delivery organizations. Examples of these are accounting/financial services, legal or consulting services, data processing or information management systems/services, insurance plans/agents, HMOs or like entity, medical systems/suppliers; or an organization or individual that provides health care services by non-physician providers such as physical therapy services, home health services, ancillary services, etc. Affiliate members cannot vote, hold office or serve on committees. Membership dues are $250 per year.
Student Member:
A Student Member  is an individual pursuing a Business, Accounting, Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management degree and who is currently a junior, senior or graduate student, is eligible for membership. Membership dues are $15 per year.
(Student Members must be prepared to provide SFMGMA a copy of their valid and current Student ID card as requested in order to confirm enrollment).  
The South Florida MGMA is a membership organization with various categories of membership. The SFMGMA does not discriminate against any member or potential member based on race, sex, religion, color, creed, or sexual orientation. If you should have any questions with regard to membership please email us at