February 1, 2016


It is with great honor that I compose this message as the 2016 President of the South Florida Medical Group Management Association (SFMGMA), an organization increasingly recognized as one of the finest, focused on educating and offering robust resources to our South Florida’s Medical Practice Professionals.

Having been a member of this great organization for almost 5 years now, I am overjoyed to be taking this position in an organization that has been an instrumental part of my professional development. One of the best decisions I made in my career was to join SFMGMA, and I encourage those contemplating membership to do the same. I am excited and energized by the leadership team we have this year! I encourage you to visit our Board of Director’s page and familiarize yourself with everyone; get to know these names as they are the ambassadors of SFMGMA.

Please take advantage of any opportunity to introduce yourself to any members of the board and connect with us. All of us are here to serve the entire SFMGMA membership and welcome the opportunity to hear from our chapter members. We are dedicated to making your membership experience a valuable one. In 2016, the board and I will look to collaborate with our entire membership to add increased strength to our already solid foundation. We are fortunate to have the successful leaders that preceded us, and will seek to advance and enhance our previous successes.

There are two focal points for our board this year: First, continue to enhance the engagement and growth of our membership, from the classrooms to the C-suite. It is important that we keep our membership diverse, vibrant and growing. Our South Florida Chapter already represents as having one of the largest and most diverse memberships in our region. However, inclusiveness and scale are always favorable trends. And second, continue to offer best in class educational and networking events for our membership and their colleagues to enjoy. We will work diligently to ensure that our members experience meaningful, insightful, and industry specific information that both educates and enriches the overall member experience. Seeking out top industry experts who create impactful and relative information, and also deliver their message in venues that are inviting and enrich our professional networking experience.

We already have amazing involvement from our members and I will seek to further develop our connections with our partners in the medical practice community, higher education networks, clinical leadership, and top level healthcare executives. To support our efforts, I strongly encourage everyone to participate and support the chapter. Time is certainly a precious commodity that we all wish we had more of and I know that we must use it wisely. I ask that you take a moment as we start 2016 and dedicate yourself to committing some of your time to the SFMGMA. There are many ways to accomplish this: attend programs and events, volunteer time by joining one of our committees, complete your board certification or promote membership to your colleagues, to name a few.

In maintaining the open door policy of the SFMGMA board, please feel free to reach out to me directly or to any of our board members for any reason. We welcome the opportunity for dialogue and are here for you, our members.

We wish that your 2016 is a healthy, productive, and vibrant year for you and your families!

Yours sincerely,

Alain Fernandez, MHSA
President, South Florida MGMA

AVP of Managed Care, University of Miami Health System