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Managing Toxic Employees 

Presented by 

Wendy Willis


About our presenter: 


Wendy Willis is a Human Resources (HR) Director at Memorial Healthcare System. She’s an accomplished HR leader with over 20 years of experience. She has a strong passion for leadership development.

Besides Memorial, Wendy has held other HR leadership roles in healthcare, including roles at Ochsner Health System and Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. She is a Senior Level Professional in the Society of Human Resources.

Wendy is a key member of Memorial’s HR leadership team. She oversees HR for Memorial’s physician group and Graduate Medical Education program. Her leadership focuses on service that is consistent for each of the 1,000+ employees she serves  - from physicians to medical assistants to residents and more.

She believes leadership is the key differentiator of healthcare business. In her words, “the future of healthcare depends on the skill of the leader to hire, train, manage, and engage the workforce to create the optimal patient experience.”

About this session:

As healthcare leaders, we find ourselves at times challenged with those employees that can cause negative disruption in the practice. The first thought is "we need to get rid of this employee." However, with the rise of lawsuits around discrimination, harassment and hostile work environment most managers would rather sit and wait for the employee to resign than to terminate the employee. This session will discuss how to manage these toxic employees. The objectives of this session are:

*Develop leadership strategies to manage a “toxic” employee
*Learn a communication model to deliver effective and direct feedback
*Understand the difference between coaching and counseling and when to utilize


We will be providing a buffet dinner and refreshments at this event. We do hope that you will join us to network with your colleagues and gain some insight as to how to manage those toxic employees.

Disclaimer: This event is not intended to provide legal guidance. If you have questions about the legal aspect of an issue we recommend you discuss this with an employment attorney.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Networking & Education: Managing Toxic Employees
Memorial Regional Hospital Conference Center 3501 Johnson St Hollywood, FL 33021